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    I live in the house with the yellow door, (I used to live next door but moved 20 years ago, so I could be closer to my local: The Spread Eagle.) Little did I realise back then that the pub name would be incredibly apt for a man with a Guzzi engined Triking.

    Recently I have been staring at the large statue of an Eagle with spread wings on the balcony and have been contemplating ‘borrowing’ it as a bonnet mascot. There would, of course, be a few minor engineering issues to overcome if it was to be used in this application..

    1) I estimate the weight to be around 80 – 90kgs, so uprated front suspension and maybe even a re-enforced chassis would be required. I decided to leave these mere details to Triking to sort out once the eagle was strapped on.

    2) True to form, the Spread Eagle Eagle had spread wings which could cause the vehicle to be aerodynamically challenged. Should the angle of attack be set up for minimum drag to to improve straight line speed, downforce to improve cornering or even uplift to reduce the apparent weight on hills. The obvious answer would be to make it adjustable, a solution so neat that it has been banned on F1 cars!

    3) I now thought that I was getting somewhere, when I suddenly realised that this lovely great big eagle stuck on the front of the Triking would obstruct my forward vision. This was another minor problem that could be easily solved by the addition of periscope or even a forward facing CCTV, although this solution would probably require a larger alternator and uprated wiring to boot.

    Having reached technical satisfactory solutions to the myriad of problems of attaching a rather large and heavy but exceptionally beautiful Eagle to the front of the Triking, it was now time to get the ladders out and scale the balcony…It was then that I suddenly realised that attaching a large lump of semi-precious metal out in the open wasn’t probably the best idea. Although barbed wire could prove to be a deterrent to metal thieves it would also prove detrimental to the wonderful flowing lines of the vehicle.
    I’m stumped, has anybody else got a solution to my problem? Until a solution is found, the Spread Eagle can sleep in peace.

    Guy (SIG 4643)

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    Maybe this would be an easier, cheaper and less dangerous way to go, with not so many mechanical and potential police / legal problems

    Besides, would you want to risk being banned from the pub for life?

    By the way – there’s no way my Triking could spread eagle itself over a curb like that without bottoming out – I think you already must already have a “lighter than air” vehicle. 🙂


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    I have a solution for you Guy, watch this space, I’ll post a picture tomorrow!

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      This alternative solution is not without it’s merits and can be seen as a small cameo of the mental processes and engineering abilities that separates Trikingistas from mere kit car builders.

      PS I drove up the ramp outside the front door where the curb had been reduced in height for Wheelchairs!

      PPS I never drive to the Spread Eagle as it is far too close, and consider the chance of getting caught very low, I suppose I could always wrap the object of desire in sackcloth whenever I drove up Eagle Brow.

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    Can’t wait ——– I’ll be up early

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    Richard and Pat

    Don’t call Oily Early, it’s not his name.

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    Here ya go, Guy! This was in one of the many boxes of bits that came with my Triking. I don’t know if it was fitted at all, I certainly don’t remember seeing it on the car when it was on the road……but that was 30 odd years ago, and a lot beer has been drunk since then!

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    There is an option which would appear to meet your requirements in terms of large size and minimal weight …….

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      Andy, I do hope you deleted your search history after that…..

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    Edith is currently sitting in the workshop, totally devoid of decoration and trim, awaiting transportation to next door for a proper paint job. Something I didn’t quite achieve at the post build stage.
    So, it was safe to perch my much treasured accolade, awarded to me at the Quantocks Gathering of Suspicious Petrolheads in 2016, for photographic record..
    It will never be subjected to fast wind and rain as the hairdo is far too delicate.
    There is no logical connection between It and The Spread Eagle, but the eyes do light up when prodded.

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    Richard and Pat

    Now why was that awarded, I cannot quite remember? Ah yes I remember … Pat break out the grey wool.

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