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      This is for info/interest

      Today I un EPAd my PHF carbs and the result was quite noticeable. EPA mandated a really lean/weak set up.
      Followed the advice in Guzziology:
      no changes to idle jet as already No 50
      main jets from 112 to 125
      needle to K23 2nd notch from top
      needle jet to 264
      mixture screws to long stem short tip

      this now actually matches the jetting etc. in my 1975 Convert (VHB) which was supplied by dealer to a guy up north. I was a little concerned about altitude as at 3500 feet in Calgary, but consensus is a K&N filter does enough weakening of the mixture.

      Tuned idle and mid range with a Colortune that I have had for years and works well. I use an electronic balancer which also works well. Had to screw one of the idle mixture screws almost all the way in, but as it works will not do anything. Other carb out about 1/2 a turn.



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