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    el grifo

      Hi everyone,
      My fuel pump gave up on the M74 about 70 mls out,Relayed home!
      The pump is fitted inside the fuel tank(Moto guzzi) So out with the pump for a look
      There are two interconnect pipes on the unit.One is pump out to filter and then filter to output.
      One pipe is a convoluted hose made of a sturdy looking nylon type materiel.
      The other pipe was a piece of poly hose which had perished and burst.
      My first thought was that someone had been bodging.
      However I found a picture a new pump assembly and lo and behold there it was,a bit of polypipe.
      This is a well known fault among Guzzi enthusiasts.!!!
      I have taken the filter out and connected the convoluted hose up – pump out to tank outlet and fitted the filter outside the tank mounted on the chassis.
      Taking out the pump unit is an absolute pig of a job,fitting the filter outwith the tank makes it much easier.If anyone else has an in tank system it may be a good idea to check this out.Fixing it is not to be attempted at the roadside!
      Malcolm J.

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        is this in a Triking or just a moto guzzi bike ? Trikings have a large tank at the rear with fuel pump outsidewithin the body, sometimes for injection within the tunnel…

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        el grifo

          Hello David,
          My Triking has a Cali 1100 fuel injected engine.
          Several M.G.bike models had the in tank pump,I have seen pics of 2 which seem to have different baseplates,the pump unit innards look exactly the same though.
          It is a neat application given that there is very limited space on a bike,and in theory should function
          ,forever in its protected environment
          An unsuitable materiel has been used here byM.G.leading to failure.
          There are many reports on International bike forums highlighting this.
          IA new pump unit costs a staggering C £600! component parts are not listed as available separately
          Well I am back on the road now and running well,have learned a lot about E.F.I systems too so that’s a bonus!
          Still think carbs are the best though!
          Malcolm J.

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