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    I worry that this forum is gradually dying – it seems like a year ago when I was building my Triking, and two years ago when I was getting “pumped up” to buy a kit. there was quite a bit more activity on the site. For people like me who live outside the UK, and don’t get to meet/see other owners and vehicles very often, or at all, it’s a great place to keep up with other peoples builds, problems and innovations, not to mention the people themselves. One reason I post as much as I do is to try and keep people reading and writing about various Triking-related items.
    It seems like the majority of posts come from a half-dozen or so hard-core Triking afficionados, even though there are over 150 Triking owners out there who must have interesting problems, trips and Triking projects going on. So, if you’re building a new Triking, or upgrading your old one, or are working on some new innovation, please post about it – or even Triking jokes…

    (Hope the above ramble is OK, Tony D)

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    Thanks for speaking up Eric.
    Interesting to see how many people are looking at the Triking Forum site.
    Here’s a bar chart for the last week.
    All you guys who look and have nothing to say, if you get inspiration from this site, then one day you will have something interesting to say. Please share it with us.

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    That’s interesting, Tony – I had no idea that many people were checking out the site ! It looks like typically there are about 40 visitors a day, of which a third are “new” visitors – hopefully some of those new visitors will become owners in the near future (although I guess it’s pretty much limited to 10-15 new owners/year). Everywhere I go, people say “I wish I had one of those”, but I guess it takes a certain type of (eccentric ?) personality to take the leap and actually do something about it. I lusted after a Triking for decades , although at one point I was going to build a Lamborghini replica from scratch – glad I took the Triking route instead – a lot easier, and ultimately, I’m sure, more fulfilling. A Triking is one of the few cars which will hold it’s value, or even appreciate, over the years, not to mention that it costs no more than a run-of-the-mill boring mass-produced compact car.

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    I will post often when building our first Triking and will be asking a lot of questions too!

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    Hi all,
    All car forums suffer from lack of participation by the masses.
    There are good sites where there is good participation…Pembleton, Triking, Bond Bug and sometimes Citroen Specials. These sites share problems and solutions sometimes to the tenth degree…it can sometimes get Boring as the original plot is totally lost in time.
    If we could only get more people to contribute to the forums it would be better…problems shared are problems halved.
    It only takes a few moments to write a query and to respond.
    regards Bill

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    Here in Canada (West) there are a couple of people I know that would buy a Triking kit if the Canadian dollar was not so low against the pound however it helps keep my UK pension up in value!. More buyers/builders the more posts I guess.

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    Part of the problem might be that people don’t think that what they are doing is interesting enough to write about or that it’s already been said before ?

    Look out for more stuff from me then… 🙂


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    Richard and Pat

    We had a small Triking gathering in Biggleswade leading up to the Cranfield, Colmworth, Stonleigh week-end. Cleared out garage to just get three Trikings installed overnight. Luckily Molly has exhausts that follow body contour. Here we are outside the Cranfield Morgan / Lotus dealership arriving in time for our Bacon rolls.

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    Richard and Pat

    Maybe we could show more details including the fact there is a forum on a laminated info sheet. You see one or two folk bothering these days and MM always puts a sign on re hot exhausts so what about something like this? I have a problem Hingham, more effort to follow.

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    Having been an active member of both forums, past and present, for 10 years, I don’t get the impression that the forum is dying at all. We are more active than the vast majority of comparable forums, inevitably there are going to be seasonal peaks and troughs.

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    I’m glad that you think the forum is still healthy, DSU475 – having been a member for so long , you have a much better perspective than me. Maybe I just haven’t been following the forum long enough to appreciate the seasonal highs and lows, or maybe so many technical questions have already been answered in previous posts that they have mostly been solved , one time or another. Also, when I get involved in something I tend to go overboard, and since I don’t get to meet up with other owners, I’m always looking for more information. I’ve read every post on the forum at least twice, and watched every Triking video I can find on YouTube, so probably I’ve already gorged myself on everything available, and am now starved for more – I think I’ll go for a drive 🙂

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