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      Had a great ride out today in the foothills of the Rockies with a friend on his Can-Am Spyder
      Forecasting 2-3″ of snow for next week so that is the end of the riding season. Might be back to good by Feb, March or April can never tell, but this year has been the hottest and longest summer on record. Probably means a tough winter.
      Lots of bikes and one JZR out making the most of it before its time for the battery tender!
      Having rejetted the carbs to European specs has transformed the performance although I never thought it lacking before the changes.
      Jobs for winter; check swingarm bearings and rear shocks all else is good. Have to pull engine to change oil, but got it down to under 2 hours without rushing.

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        I can remember a first ride of the year, new years day, during my first year of Triking ownership.
        It was a cold morning with damp roads but no frost. Accelerated out of a roundabout, caught a patch of diesel with the rear wheel, spun round a couple of times and then head-butted the crash barrier.
        One bent front wheel and front upright.
        A diesel driver forgot to replace the filler cap was the most likely cause.
        Beware invisible diesel!

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