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    Richard and Pat

    Hello Trikingistas one and all,

    We have had quite a busy few months and some wonderful Triking weather plus a new Millennium record number, 19 cars, at any one time. This was at the National Rally held in Norfolk this summer celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the first Triking registered by Tony on 1st July 1978 CNG415T. This does mean therefore we can have another 40th to celebrate the beginning of production!

    As you will know the forum has up to date information and the latest events along with requests for help with a build or the odd competition so I want to encourage those who are registered to please check regularly on the forum and pass on to other Triking owners you know who are not registered please.

    I realised from some of the many chats I had at Founders Day that quite a few owners/builders don’t know about the forum or do not have access to the internet therefore it has spurred me to bring into play again the newsletter which in the past was the only method of communicating with other Triking people. This means if I have an email address I can pass on any information that may be of interest on a fairly regular basis and certainly muster some more cars for a gathering. If you would like to be included please message me your email address.

    My next task, unless someone else fancies it, is to produce a 2018 Newsletter but meanwhile I have sent an email to all those addresses I do possess to check if all the recipients are happy to receive same. Please check your spam filter if you have not had an email or you are not on the list below. Likewise if you know of another Triking owner who is not listed below please forward the mail to them and they can ask to be added to my list.

    Also if anyone has anything to contribute; article, report on event, build, show, product, a build tip; a letter [remember those?], a picture or an event or parts to advertise please send it to me pronto and I will put it the next newsletter.

    Andrew F
    Andy & Joan no address
    Andy leC
    Ann J footlooze
    Bob & Ann
    Chris Churchwarden No address
    Chris K
    Dave & Clare
    David H
    G Knee
    Graham L
    Guy P
    James A
    Jason & Geoff B
    Johann Keyser No address
    Lawrence H
    Leigh M
    M P Hampshire
    Mark & Lorraine
    Mark C
    Michael S
    Nick G Jersey
    Nigel G
    P E Lambert
    Paul & Chris
    Paul W
    Phil and Hillary
    Richard F
    Rob B
    Rod & Yvonne
    Roger and Debs
    Roger K
    Roy F
    Simon & Dave Cooper No address
    Steve and Mo
    Steve O
    Tony C
    Tony D

    Best wishes for the rest of the summer

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    My email address:


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    wood man

    Hi Richard

    Very brave! Could you include me (us) on your list please:

    Hope to catch up with you and Pat soon.

    Best wishes

    Stephen & Joanna

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    Richard and Pat

    Thank you Stephen and Joanna,
    Entries all done.
    Best wishes

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    Hi Richard

    Could you include me on this list.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    Guy Greaves

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