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      All the spokes were loose on one of the front wheels of my 4 wheeler, most of the nipples has seized so decided to rebuild myself.
      Took the tyre off and managed to get 2 sample spokes out to send to Central wheel Components (http://www.central-wheel.co.uk/spokes/spokes.html)
      They were very helpful supplying 3 different spokes (not 2 as I sent)
      The long spokes on the inside of the wheel were all the same as the holes in the hub all alternately offset.
      The short ones on the drum side all exit the hub on the same side so half of them needed longer necks to allow them to cross over.
      They also sent them 2mm shorter to allow for the old ones being stretched.
      Made up a mandrel to screw to the trestle so that the wheel could run on it’s own bearings.
      I marked the hub with a black marker where some of the spokes lay so that I could replicate, backing up with a sketch and photos.
      Then the point of no return, cut the old spokes out with the disk cutter.
      Thread all the new spokes into their correct positions, ensuring the long and short neck ones on the drum side alternated.
      Prop the rim in a near position and start putting all the nipples on loosely.
      I used an old pozidrive screwdriver with 2 ‘wings’ ground off to screw the nipples up evenly, keeping an eye on the thread still left exposed..
      It was them a systematic tightening up, keeping the rim running true using the nipple key.
      It was dead easy, don’t know why I was apprehensive about attempting such a simple task.
      Took me 2 hours start to finish.
      Don’t forget the anti seize grease on the threads.
      Good luck if you are bold enough

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        Wheel building is an art, I used to build my old motorcycle wheels and after the first disaster it was straight forward, the biggest problem was sourcing the new spokes and nipples.
        Old Norton hubs are offset from the centreline of the rim to allow for the removable brake drum.
        Even bought a batch of plain spokes …then found that the threads are rolled not cut.
        Th first one is always the hardest.
        regards Bill

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