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    Charlie Allnut

      ‘Allo fellow Trikers, I’m not too clever on the computer so I don’t post a lot, I don’t have a Triking but I am building a trike,
      which I recently put through the MSVA, I have my age related plate ( I used a donor bike with a V5 ) I took it for a 60 round trip to a class 3 MOT station, ran as sweet as a nut, got back home and it went down on 1 cylinder-How’s yer luck, sorted now!
      The people at Rochester MSVA centre were really pleasant.It turns out the powers that be are trying to cut the test time from 4+ hours to 80 mins, apparently this is part of a plan to put extra duties on the testers!
      I can’t get my trimmer to do my trike until July so I am on temporary seats for now.I am going to use it for the summer and strip and paint it
      and plate all the home made stuff in the winter.
      Hopefully plenty of mileage to shake it down, iron all or any bugs and get my confidence in it.
      I would have finished it sooner but after a couple of very short trial runs down my road some months ago It went Bang, thinking it was
      Guzzi related and therefore expensive I parked it up.
      A mate of mine nagged me to strip it and it turns out a brand new propshaft spline had sheared off, no other damage.
      I have a Nova reversing gearbox and I seem to get a lot of transmission noise- is this normal? Regards Charlie

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        Congratulation Charlie on getting your Aero Merlin through the msva and getting the essential age related plate.

        Hope you understand, it will never be finished, always something to modify/alter/re-route etc etc.

        The reversing gearbox can be a bit noisy due to the chain drive inside, which is running free when you are going forwards.
        You can hear it whirring when you push the trike along without engine running, click the reverse box out of gear, and it is silent.
        Have fun, see you on the road soon.
        Best wishes

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