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    Weather permitting, off to Sherborne Castle on Sunday, lets see how many three wheelers attend this year.

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    Just noticed I put Powderham castle in the title of this post, of course I meant Sherbourne castle. It was a great day, apart from the 45 minute traffic jam caused by a photographer trying to take pictures of every entry. I was entered in the specials area next to a Rover 150, if you’ve never heard of it it’s because it’s two rover 75’s welded together with steering wheel at both ends

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      As Richard says, another reason for you to win . When I lived in Seattle, someone had welded two Yugos together, so it also had a steering wheel at each end – they called it a “Wego”.
      Could weld two Trikings together – the two front halves would be a “Quadking”, or possibly a “Fourking”, and the two back halves a “Biking Scooter”

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    Richard and Pat

    That would have won Eric’s prize. New Triking Pilots Challenge in the same vein as 2016/7 with new rules announced soon.

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