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      I’m a long way from registering a Triking , but was wondering what I should say when asked where I got it and what I paid for it ? I live in Saskatchewan Canada.

      I have the Moto Guzzi donor but don’t want to register it as I will have to pay import duty, and it seems a bit pointless if I am going to pull it apart anyway.

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        I would register the bike then it is established in Canada. If you do not you will be trying to do two things at once. Mine is registered as a Moto Guzzi Triking, but it had a Vin from Arizona. The girl at the registry had no idea what I was talking about so just registered it as a bike. I believe Harley trikes are registered as a bike with just the model name being Tri-Glide.

        Not sure if there is some sort of test required for a home build in Saskatchewan, mine had to have an out of province test so I could register it. Blimey the lights worked so it passed. How did you register your motorcycle and sidecar or did somebody else fit the chair? I cant see it being much different.

        It may be an out of province test will do and then when built just change the colour and add Triking to the name.

        One thing I would not do as try and register it as a car as that is a whole world of pain. Registering as a motorcycle does mean a crash helmet.


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          I don’t think there is any special test in Saskatchewan, but if it’s a Moto Guzzi it will need a bike safety test. If I tell them I made it then it and it has a steering wheel I think it will need a car safety… To be honest I don’t think they will know what to do if I tell them I built it myself…. If I keep it as a Moto Guzzi I can get a provincial safety done before I take it apart and don’t say anything, I know they will notice but I don’t think anyone will care, they will probably just say it’s cool….`

          The problem with keeping it as a Moto Guzzi is that I will be stung for provincial import duty when registering it. ( I already paid the federal import duty at the US / Canadian border )

          There are new rules in Saskatchewan regarding three wheeled vehicles. I can make it a motorcycle by fitting an aircraft yoke rather than a steering wheel


          If I tell them I built it myself here in Sask I don’t think they will be able to charge me import duty.

          I fitted the sidecar on my bike myself, nobody cares they just laugh, cops and all. Most people here have never seen one before.

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