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    phil whizzer
    phil whizzer

      Hi everyone,

      Have a look at what has to be the most polished OTT chrome laden rude three wheeler! Go to Sovereign Sports Cars and search under “Replicas” for Morgan Three Wheeler Tribute Evocation with Guzzi Le Mans power unit and interesting spec using MNR reversing box. Only £24500 and its sold!

      Seasons greetings to all

      Phil & Hilary

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        Here’s a link
        Lots of bling but not even a windscreen so you can’t fit a hood. Why the louvres when the engine is outside of the panels?
        Handbrake is right where the passenger needs to put elbow. Petrol tank over the top of your knees——–
        Bit too retro for me.

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          This is on the JZR forum. Whether the style is to everyone’s taste is debatable, but the guys workmanship is excellent. I believe it is an Aero cycle from Arthur ?. It would not look out of place in the US as it is very much the style.

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              Ho Ho!

              Definitely one of mine!

              Tank over the knees, tell that one to any Hurricane pilot during the Battle of Britain.

              That chap wanted louvres, louvres and more louvres and he got the lot…that number of louvres is my standard whether anyone likes it not!

              Handbrake now moved, Triking style.

              His idea was to build a yank style vehicle and I love his decals, being a bit of a pin-up fiend myself!



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