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forum forum Technical Sandy's build.

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      At long last, Sandy has decided to get going on his build, and I have spent today helping. I’m struggling to find how the handbrake lever mounts……is it forward to the left of the reverse box?

      Pip pip,

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        Assuming that Sandy’s vehicle is LHD, that’s correct. I ended up sawing off the metal bracket in the middle of the frame that holds the dash, as it made it too difficult to pull the handbrake on. (Alan told me it was there for mounting an umbrella-type handbrake). Don’t install the bracket that goes in the tunnel to restrain the outside of the cable until you have the rear wheel, caliper, etc. installed.

        I think this is all good advice, but since I haven’t driven my Triking yet, I’m not really qualified in the advice department 🙂


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