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      Has anyone tried these gizmos before? I’ve seen them at various shows over the years but never gave it much credence; however, with a 60 day money back guarantee I thought I’d test them out. I have always been a bit of cynic when it comes to gizmos like this, but early indications are showing signs that they could actually work. With my Weber carb set up the ignition has always been a problem, with these units fitted the engine starts a runs better, especially at tick over and low rpm. I get a few miles on them and let you know my findings, more excuses to get the car out, not that I need any😉

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        Placebo effect?


        Of course, the placebo effect has been verified to work, even when the patient knows he/she is taking a placebo.

        On the other hand, maybe the resistance between the two disks actually does something.

        Looking forward to further reports.

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          Yep, I know what you’re saying, this is exactly what is going through my mind; however, nothing ventured nothing gained.

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            This is just the old way to increase spark power. It was well known when small 2 stroke engines were prone to oiling and whiskering te plug. You pulled your plug-cap off just a fraction so the spark had to jump that gap before jumping the spark-plug gap. Goodness knows how it actually worked but it surely did. It was also a good way to wake yourself up when you made the gap a tad large and the spark went through your hand rather than into the spark plug.
            I would strongly recommend NOT to use them on an electronic ignition because if the energy has nowhere to go it will discharge back in the coil and thence into the electronics, which is not good.

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