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      I am currently rebuilding a Cali 3 import from the channel islands, but for some time I have been thinking about building a type 3 Triking. previously I did a V1000 G5 trike but didn’t like it with 1 wheel at front. May consider converting my current build once it has been registered at DVLA but preference is to use an EV as a donor.

      Now to my question. If I go for the 15″ rear wheel, will it fit easily or will work need to be done on the swinging arm and what do you need to do to ensure the gearing in the speedo is correct? It will not start till later this year but I thought if I ask questions now I can be prepared for the fun times ahead. I have been a Guzzi Owner since 1980 so it would be nice to have a Guzzi powered bike as well as a trike/cycle-car.
      Any guidance gratefully appreciated.

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        No problems fitting a 15″ wheel if you buy from Alan. Mine (modified guzzi ally) went straight in to my series 1 with the shorter swing arm. Fitted a 15 x 145 Firestone tire as all I could get in Canada, but works fine and less slipping of clutch to pull away. Need to deflate tire to fit wheel. I have a GPS speedo so no problem.


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          With the 15″ rear wheel, you will also need a new rear brake which is also the handbrake. Available from Alan.
          The speedo is best addressed with an electronic one from ETB (or Alan). This is triggered by a couple of raised bolt heads or magnets on a front brake disk. The instrument is then calibrated to the rolling radius of the front wheel. Easy!

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            Excellent, hopefully will start the ball rolling later this year when I stop paying the ex and sort out my “home improvement” loan 🙂

            Plan on visiting the factory in the summer, on my way back from a camping trip in Norfolk with my brother last year in late August, early September, when on my Stelvio, I saw a convoy of Trikings coming in the opposite direction. That is what piqued my interest in the mark.

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