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      After all these years, I’ve decided that the pressure needed to disengage the clutch is too heavy.
      When releasing the pedal, the action was too quick and the clutch grabbed, sometimes stalling the engine if trying to make a quiet get-away.

      So, I drilled another couple of holes in the clutch pedal lever arm, that the cable shackle attaches to.
      Connected the shackle and clevis pin to one of the new holes, nearer to the pedal pivot rod (about 1/2″ nearer).
      The pedal is much lighter, release of clutch is much smoother and more controllable. There is still more than adequate travel to release the clutch.
      Took me less than an hour.
      Disconnect clutch cable.
      Unbolt the pedal box. lift up enough to retract the pivot rod and remove the clutch pedal only.
      No need to disconnect the brake actuators and throttle cable.
      Drill some 5mm holes.
      Grease and re-assemble.

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