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    Please help re post two vitally important points made by Ian Ruston on another motoring page. This is his suggested response: Post a letter if you can he gives the name & address and go on line and fill in the questionnaire. This is what he suggests:
    I strongly believe that point 10 in section 4 [10. Are you content with our proposal to require kit cars to meet the latest MOT standards, removing the current rule where vehicles are tested to MOT standards according to the age of their engine?] will severely hinder and harm the enthusiasts and builders in the Kit car arena. Along with industries like Formula 1, Classic Car Restoration, Kit cars have long been synonymous with the United Kingdom being internationally renowned as the country where individuals can build register and drive self built vehicles. To date this has been a hobby, not a business for the majority of builders and the requirements of section 4.11 of the air quality and safety proposal will further threaten this amazing scene and the history of kit cars in the UK.
    Whilst I appreciate the guidelines are there to cover many areas of transport in the UK, Kit cars are a small area and maybe the quietest voice, but the proposed changes will more or less, in one foul swoop, seal the fate of Kit cars and Kit car builders by making the costs associated with building a kit car prohibitively expensive. Section 4.13 of this document covers the availability of engines with a catalytic converter, and we can be sure if we allow the Kit car community the room, electric Kit cars will develop further still and become more and more abundant. In this day and age where society moves more and more on line and virtual, Kit cars promote going outside, rolling up your sleeves and getting physical. Not all of our children will grow up to be doctors or nurses, lawyers or accountants, some of them will become inventors and have the opportunity to improve our society. Kit cars encourage thinking on your own two feet, looking for better ways to achieve results and letting our youth see what they can achieve with their imagination, please let’s not threaten but instead encourage this.
    Robert Lloyd-Smith
    Zone 1/33,
    Great Minster House
    33 Horseferry Road,
    SW1P 4DR

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      Does this mean current emissions standards also – that would be a death blow to kit cars ?
      Makes me feel extremely lucky here in the USA, and Oregon especially. When I took Bluebottle to have it registered, the lady behind the desk checked three things – the VIN number, the number of wheels :-), and that the seatbelts were attached at three points – that’s it. Of course, I have to worry about all the other cars people around here have thrown together that are on the road with me that also had no safety checks 🙂

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      Pretty much I imagine.

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        Ladies & Gentlemen
        The ‘respond on line’ form is easy to use in the .gov site
        Go to Question15, tick the NO box, copy/paste the suggestion paragraph above, next page through to end then submit.

        Please do it now to help protect the future of our passion for future builders.

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            Did as you suggested, Tony – it was my experience that you have to answer questions 1 and 2 (name, email address, private/company) before you can proceed to question 15.
            Hopefully enough kit car aficionados will respond to keep things the way they are – the impact of kit cars relative to most of the other things under review is negligible.

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              Does anyone have any idea as to what percentage of cars on the road in the UK are kit cars ? It has to be way less than 1%, probably way less than 0.1 % – as far as emissions are concerned they are negligible, especially when you consider that, unlike most cars, the vast majority are not driven on a daily basis. I’m sure petrol-powered lawnmowers are a much bigger problem, as are private planes.

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