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      Those of you with a reversing gearbox – I’m having great difficulty changing from forward to reverse, and vice-versa, whether the engine is stopped or running (and clutch depressed) – is there a trick to this, or do I just have a “difficult” gearbox ?

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      There is a Knack Eric but it come with just a little practice.
      When I first had Squeaker I even asked Alan to sit in and try but of course he did it straight away also we have just completed the build of my pal Andrew’s car and he is having the same experience. I can get his Triking into gear no trouble, it is in fact the slipperiest I have tried and I think this is because we left the lever a little longer than usual. It has to be felt in once the main gearbox has been engaged. I am sure there are other descriptions and one of the owners on here will oblige.

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        Thanks for the advice, Richard – are you saying that the way to do it is have the engine running, in gear, with clutch depressed, and then gradually let out the clutch while “jiggling” the reverse gear lever until it drops into place ?

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          In case Alan reads this – I just went back through my many emails with him, and , sure enough, he did tell me to do exactly what I described above in order to engage the reverse gearbox – unfortunately I’d forgotten what he told me back then, so sorry for not remembering your advice šŸ™‚

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          All good now and what a great result Eric. What is the colour please?

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            Thanks for the kind words, Richard and Pat – being a cheapskate, I actually sprayed the whole car with “rattle cans”, and then added several coats of clearcoat – it turned out better than I expected. Complete paint job cost about $250, – $100 for paint and clearcoat, $50 for sandpaper and $100 for 3M buffing kit. I bought several extra cans of paint just in case I need them after some future catastrophe. The original donor bike was almost identical in colour, which I liked, and by sheer good luck , I found almost the exact colour in the Rustoleum line, which “people in the know” (ie the internet) recommend for do-it-yourself auto paint jobs. The rocker covers and alternator cover are the original bike paint. As someone on the Forum mentioned, I don’t think the paint is quite as hard as a factory paint job, but maybe over time it will harden up.
            The paint is Rustoleum Cobalt Blue Metallic.
            Seems like you and Pat have (or had) a Triking very similar in colour.

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            Thank you Eric.
            Tony is the man with the blue paint tins, our car is Aircraft Grey, Jet Black wings and Steel grey chassis. We did have black powder coated front wheels inc spokes and hub at the start but I changed to aluminium rims and stainless spokes after some spoke breakages.

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              I’ve found the best way to go from forward to reverse or vice versa is to engage 1st gear, let the clutch out until the Triking is inching forward or backward, depress the clutch whilst it’s still moving and then change the reversing box direction. If you think ahead when you’re parking the Triking up you can do this with the clutch depressed just before you stop.


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                Thanks, Dave – my problem was that I was trying to switch from forward to reverse without any rotation of the drive shaft, so the gears wouldn’t mesh – now that I understand the method, I can do it, I just need more practice.

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                Practice, Practice, Practice what more of a reason to drive the Triking do you need? šŸ™‚

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