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      I picked up my kit a week ago, and am slowly putting things together. Of course, I’m coming up with many questions, especially since I’ve never seen a Triking, and don’t think there’s one within 1000 miles of me.
      How do people install their seats and seatbacks – glue, bolts, hinges, nothing ? Some people seem to utilize the space behind the seat for storing things, so the seatback must be moveable or removable. Would a hinged seat, if possible , make entry/egress easier? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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      Just drop them in Eric,
      The central console sits in place over the tunnel and the seat squabs lie in the bottom on the floor after fitting the seat back which rests on the tube support at the top and against the square tube part of the chassis across the floor at the bottom and this creates the main storage area. I have put a small batten across the seat squab front, 150mm across the seat side to side mounted centrally, screwed into the wooden base avoiding the seat covering. This lifts the front edge of the seat a little and I use a small square of plywood that is positioned between the chassis crossmember in front of the seat squab position and the batten on the seat to stop the seat squab sliding forward.
      Where are you? Would you like some pictures? If so send your email or mobile number for WhatsApp on a private message.

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        Thank you for your valuable response, Richard and Pat – I was thinking there didn’t really seem to be any reason to bolt or glue things in. Having put the seat and seatback into my shell of a cat today, and sat in it for the first time, I appreciate your advice regarding raising the front of the seat a little to create a more comfortable driving position. You don’t need to send photos, as I understand what you mean.
        I live in Oregon, which is in the NW of the USA. I’m fortunate to live in the Columbia River Gorge, which is quite scenic and has many miles of great Triking territory, although scenic in a very different way to the UK. Hopefully I’ll be on some of those roads by late summer.

        Thanks again


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            This is seven miles from my house – a lot of car commercials are filmed around here – cold in the winter though – we had a total of 8 feet of snow this year – most ever recorded here.

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            My seat backrest sits in position similar to Richards, but I did away with the tube adjustable rest, giving better access to stowage.
            I bolted a shaped piece of 2mm ally to the body edge for the seat to lean on. Non adjustable but it fits me.

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              Thanks , Tony – I’ll probably do something similar, as I prefer to lean back a little more than the adjustable rest allows.

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              I too have two pieces of aluminium angle bolted into rivnuts set into the frame. If you fit them facing forward so the bolts are behind the support face the fixings do not chafe the seat back. Ask me how I discovered this. The base of the angle has a small piece of leather stuck onto it for the seat to rest on. I assumed yours would be the new type with the tube rests built in hence my explanation following that tack.
              Eight inches of snow, hell’s teeth we have not had that much down here since I were nobbut a lad in short trousers.

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                Eight feet! 12 to 16 inches at a time.

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                Gee wilikas! Sorry Eight Feet!

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