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    oldboy racer

      Hi, The as owner of above (ex John Grundys Car) I have bought a replacement rear sprocket and chain, but am unable to find a replacement front sprocket. The worn part is stamped 5/8x 18 (pitch and teeth) and is secured to the bevel box out shaft by two keyways I know this car is unusual being chain driven , but hoped someone might have an idea where I could obtain a sprocket.
      I was given an old one amongst the bits and pieces when I bought the car so I it has been replaced before, unfortunately there is no reciept for this item.
      It looks to be a real pain to remove the old part, so I don’t want to do that until I have a replacement.
      Any help gratefully received.
      Thanks Bob Portman

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        Try Madler in Germany.
        They have a web site (gears, sprockets/chain and just about anything for drives) and will modify components to suit customer requirements.
        Best of luck

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