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When buying donor motorcycle/parts it’s an advantage if the registration document (V5 Log Book) is included. This simplifies the registration process and usually results in the allocation of an age related registration number to the finished Triking.

In the case of a registration application without the relevant V5 a “Q” registration is usually allocated.

registering your Triking

Forms required from the DVLA

V55- depending on age of donor bike you will need V55/4 or V55/5 for used donor bike

V6271 Built vehicle inspection report. This can be downloaded from the internet  type V6271 Built vehicle inspection report into google

This form is vital as it shows the parts used from the Moto Guzzi , complete the Motorcycle to Tricycle section.

Receipt from Triking showing VIN number and component parts.

MSVA certificate

Registration fee + cost of relevant road tax

Personal identification documents ie passport driving licence etc



We can advise in more detail if needed please give us a ring to discuss –

We have found it’s an advantage not to paint and or final finish the Triking prior to MSVA test, this means if there any minor adjustments needed (such as moving a tail light or reflector 5mm to the left etc) it would not mean compromising a perfect paint finish.

Click on the VOSA image below this will take you to the MSVA manual.

Usually following the information in the manual results in a first time MSVA pass


We have found the businesslink website to be very user friendly you can download the MSVA application forms from there, it also gives information regarding price of tests and test centres. Click on link below.